Plumber | Charlotte NC | Faucets

Plumber | Charlotte NC | Faucets

These are the most popular types of faucets according to an expert plumber in Charlotte NC:

Ball-type Faucet

These valves are very common in kitchens’ sinks and were the first taps without washers. You can identify because of a single handle that moves on a swivel ball just by the output of the tap water. The ball of plastic or metal within the body of the faucet and under the lid has cameras or slots that control the flow and temperature of the water that comes out of the tap. These type of faucets tend to leak more often than others taps without washers.

Disc Faucets

Disc faucets are the latest advancement in technology of modern faucets. Their particularity is that their lever is placed over a cylindrical body width. These taps have a wide cartridge that houses two ceramic discs that slide over each other to control the flow of water and temperature change. These high-quality faucets are very reliable and do not break often.

Cartridge Faucets

These type of faucets operate with a movable valve stem cartridge that moves up and down to regulate the flow of water. You can distinguish cartridge faucets by the way they work, not by the way they look. Contrary to the ball-type faucets whose handle must be pulled back to open up, the cartridge faucets single handle work in a movement “up/down” to adjust the volume of water and a movement “Left/Right” to regulate the temperature. Similarly, a faucet with two cartridge valve stem handles is very similar to washers with an automatic closing system. However, once again, you will be able to distinguish them by how the handles feel when you use them. The auto-closing system requires you to squeeze (compress) the washer to cut off the flow of water.


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