Plumber | Charlotte NC | Clogged Toilet

Plumber | Charlotte NC | Clogged Toilet

One of the most common problems we face at home from time to time is the blockage of the toilet. Fortunately, most of the obstructions can be fixed using the correct type of plunger, but most people use the inappropriate one. We will discuss the proper tool that you should use and the appropriate method to unblock, following the advice of an expert plumber in Charlotte NC.

There are two basic plunger types: the cup plunger and the flange plunger. The cup is the one that most people have in their homes and is designed to create a seal against a flat surface such as the bottom of a sink or bathtub. However, the toilets are bowl-shaped, and the cup plunger does not work because they lose the seal when you pull. So for toilets, you need the flange plunger.

The particular bowl shape of a toilet requires a plunger with a particular form. That is why the flange plunger is perfect, or a similar one called ball plunger. Both types of plunger have a specially designed shape to seal the bottom of the toilet and maintain the required vacuum and pressure during the pumping action.

Once you have noticed that the toilet is draining slowly or has stopped doing so, do not pull on the chain. It is time to use a flange plunger. Press the plunger gently through the water allowing the air to escape from the body of the plunger. Once that it seals against the bottom of the toilet, pull up and down quickly until you remove the obstruction and the water level decreases. Then, you have to make a test to check the toilet flushes properly.

You will need to check if the toilet will drain back once you think that you have removed the obstruction. But don’t do this by flushing the toilet again until you are sure that is working well. To check if the toilet flushes correctly, you have to add water. You can do this in two ways: The first way is to pour water slowly into the toilet with a bucket. The second way is to open the toilet tank and lift the rubber seal on the bottom of the tank slowly until the water starts to come out to the toilet. Don’t raise the rubber seal completely; otherwise, it will flush completely. If the water is going down the toilet easily, the obstruction has been removed. If not, try again by repeating the above steps one or two more times. If after repeating the process you still cannot remove the obstruction, try to remove the clogging with the help of a plumbing snake.

A plumbing snake is a tool that has a compensation handle, a long handle, and a small drill at the end to pass through the obstruction or pull out the blockage, such as a cloth. The end of the drill is connected using a flexible handle attached to a handle that you control. Its scope is about 3 feet. If you don’t know how to use this tool, seek the help of a professional plumber in Charlotte NC.


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