Plumbing Tricks From An Expert Plumber | Charlotte NC

Plumbing Tricks From An Expert Plumber | Charlotte NC

If you open the walls of the house and take your floors off, you would see a complicated network of pipes that run across the whole structure. Some of these pipes supply the drinking water consumed in the house, and others drop out all the wastewater. All of them branch off to get to the bathroom, sink, taps, washing machine, etc.

But nothing is forever. At a given moment, perhaps the most inopportune time, any line can break, or the sink clogs, or the faucet leaks.

If the damage is too severe, the best idea is to call a professional plumber in Charlotte NC, who will repair the problem. An example of a critical situation would be a significant obstruction on the main line of drainage of the house or exterior area, an overflow from the septic tank, or similar things.

But if the damage is only a trickle of the supply line or tap water or an obstruction in the sink faucet, maybe you can fix it. It would be much easier if you do it with due care and following the advice of an expert plumber in Charlotte NC that we present here below.

Plumbing trick #1

When you have to lose a chrome piece with a wrench, wrap electricity adhesive tape around the teeth of the wrench.

Plumbing trick #2

Do not over tighten pressure valves to close them, because this excessive force applied to them can damage the valve over time. As a result, you can be obliged to repair or replace it with a new faucet.

Plumbing trick #3

Regularly, put the plug in the sink and the toilet every time you go to disarm a faucet. This tactic will prevent small parts and screws from falling in the outlet pipe and cause a blockage.

Plumbing Trick #4

When making a repair on your sink, sink or bathtub, coat the inside with a cloth, towel, several layers of newspaper, or a piece of cardboard to avoid that, if some tool heavy falls of the hand, it damages the porcelain of the piece.

Plumbing Trick #5

Every time you disassemble a piece for the first time, make it a habit of placing each part in the order in which you pulled it out. This way, when the time comes to assemble, know which one goes first and which one goes later.

Plumbing Trick #6

Every time you disassemble a piece to make any repairs, take the chance to clean all the other parts. This quick action will save you time and work in the future.

Plumbing Trick #7

If you need to replace a rubber washer or leather, and you can’t find one of an equal diameter, buy the largest size immediately and reduce its size. You can do this by hand, by rubbing with sandpaper, placing the washer on the auger of an electric drill, and rubbing on the sandpaper while the drill rotates. Another alternative is to insert it into a tube, screwdriver, etc., and rubbing it on a grinding stone as it rotates. Be careful and gentle in the process; otherwise, you can spoil it.


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