Water Damage Prevention Tips | Plumber | Charlotte NC

Water Damage Prevention Tips | Plumber | Charlotte NC

Water has a huge destructive power because moisture makes structures to deteriorate very quickly. Water damage can be prevented or reduced thanks to a fast, effective intervention of a plumber in Charlotte NC. If your property has suffered water damage; then, a good cleaning and some restorations may produce amazing results.

Water damage repairs can be prevented by taking some easy steps. We have prepared this water damage prevention guide for you to have a clear idea of the process.

– Tighten all the nuts of the plastic pipes by hand. If you use tools to tighten plastic nuts, you will cause a high internal pressure level which will break or crack the nuts, soon after being installed. To avoid this problem, you must hand-tighten the nuts as much as you can.
– Surround external supply copper pipes with sand. If you repair pipes in your garden and replace them with copper pipes, surround this type of pipes with sand before burying them with soil. This way you will protect the copper from rocks or other sharp elements. Besides, it may expand or shrink when the surrounding soil gets hot or cold.

– If the exterior soil of your property is very corrosive or damp, do not use copper pipes. Copper pipes will deteriorate very quickly in an environment with too much moisture. Choose PEX, ABS, or CPVC plastic pipes.

– Wrap your exterior wall pipes into a high-quality insulation material. Otherwise, pipes will freeze and explode during winter due to the low temperatures.


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