Water Heater Systems

Water Heater Systems

The perfect choice of a water heater can be overwhelming. An expert plumber in Charlotte NC can provide you with the best advice to make this choice, based on the type of weather, house, and usage you need.

There are two basic systems to produce hot water: instantaneous or direct, and heat generation by hot-water accumulation. The direct system directly heats the water and it does not have storage space. It saves energy because it does not need to keep stored water hot. However, it can spend a lot of energy if it is constantly used. It is recommended for occasional use of hot water (morning or night) and small families.

The accumulation system allows keeping water hot during the whole day, by storing it in an isolated tank. If hot water consumption is continuous, it is advisable to use an accumulation system. This system requires much more space (for the boiler), and it generally represents a higher consumption of energy.

There are also mixed systems, hybrids that allow to accumulate hot water or directly generate it. Any of the three systems can use energy or gas. Electricity is recommended when you have not direct gas supply, and when you have a large accumulation system. Low capacity accumulation systems can take as much as two hours to heat accumulated water again.

Gas heaters are recommended when you count on direct gas supply. The main inconvenience or danger are butane or propane leaks, so they should be located in well-ventilated places.


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